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Before and after: London Ont. 100+ years ago versus today

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Since London’s founding in 1826, its identity and cityscape has changed dramatically. Once the ‘Oil Capital of Canada’ and the nation’s second-largest cigar-producing city, London has gone from a small military garrison to an urban centre with a population of almost 400,000. In Early London 1826–1914: A Photographic History from the Orr Collection, local author and historian Jennifer Grainger reveals London’s history at the turn of the century through dozens of captioned photographs. In January 2017, Gazette photographers Annie Rueter and Moses Monterroza photographed 9 images, recreating photos from Early…read more

Astronomy students experience life in India

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It’s 12 p.m. and the New Delhi airport is bustling with masses of people. The sounds of ceaseless honking and incomprehensible chatter reverberate all throughout the area with high levels of energy and excitement. The mid-February air is heavy with the scent of food and a cool Indian breeze seems to undulate through the outside terminals. Amongst the droves of people is a small group of Western researchers, professors and students waiting for their bus to take them to Agra, the so-called city of love and home to the Taj Mahal. There is…read more

Western invests in tobacco, weapons and oil companies. Here’s how it works

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Western has hundreds of millions of dollars in investments, but where does it all go? That was the question we asked and now have a (partial) answer to. Western has a diverse array of investments, from equities to bonds to real estate, spread over many portfolios. Equity investments, which account for 65.8 per cent of its total operating and endowment portfolio, are managed by third party investment companies and Western does not have direct control over these investments. They are done mainly through indexes, with many companies being invested in at…read more